Wayne Mazorow Photography

Artist Statement

I photograph the landscape in a traditional manner, showing the few remaining natural areas that are untouched and pristine. I feel that I have successfully made a photograph when the two dimensional medium projects the feeling of three dimensional space, the essence of an area is conveyed, and the viewer has the sense of being there. This is done through the use of light, texture, forms, tonal range of color and getting close to the subject.


The majority of images were made in the parks and preserves of Northeast Ohio. A 4x5 View camera was used for all.  Many of the images were made in recognizable locations, while others could have been made anywhere. However, whether a location is recognizable or not, I hope that the images appear different than those seen before, are unique and have a surreal appearance. With the exception of minor dodging and burning, no other enhancements or manipulations were made.


While many of these images where made in protected areas, there are many similar areas that are unprotected and are in danger of development. The various types of wetland habitat are especially sensitive to development. It is hoped that from these images people will be introduced to the geographic and biodiversity of northeast Ohio’s protected areas, from those well known to the hidden.




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